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Greetings to all!

St. Lucy’s homeschool Adventure group will be hosting its annual
World Wide Children’s Eucharistic Holy Hour
Blessed Sacrament in Greenfield, Ma!
Friday October 2, 2015 at 11:00 am
(be sure to arrive early so that you DO NOT miss the most precious procession you will ever see!)

We are hoping you will come help us greet our new Bishop!!!

St. Lucy’s joins in prayer with 30, 000 (or more) other children all around the world on the first Friday of every October; the day that Saint John Paul II appointed as the day that all Children should adore Christ in the Eucharist.

Please consider joining us for our treasured Eucharistic Holy Hour. For the last FOUR years St. Lucy’s has followed the same program that the Boston Diocese follows and are now ready to invite many more to join us!

If you cannot join us for this event but know of other families that can, please forward this email to them.

PLEASE KINDLY RSVP! There is a part in the program when you and your family have an opportunity to present your intentions and prayer requests before our Lord in the Sacred Host! And we just want to be prepared for you and your family to do that. All are welcome! (grand parents, little ones, dads, moms…some even take their children out of school…shhhhh)

It is important for our Bishop to see that his diocese is bustling with truly devoted Catholic families! We have an opportunity on this day to show him how much we love our faith and how many of us there are. If you are able to join us please do for this beautiful event!

“We are here! We are Here! We ARE HERE!!!”

God Bless you and your families,
Jae, April and Kiddies

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